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The best costumes for bachelorette parties.

Costumes are one of the usual accessories for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

With the arrival of the heat, there are many and more and more of you who want to celebrate the farewell party and in the organization of the same, begin to give free rein to the imagination for the preparation of the theme and the costume of the bride and groom. Along with the choice of activities to be carried out such as dinner show restaurants with fun shows that you can find in Valencia, or boat parties that are one of the most sought after activities for bachelor or bachelorette parties.

In the farewellsThe bride or groom is just the wild card, the perfect excuse to get friends together to go out, have a great time, enjoy themselves, make out and enjoy one of the activities such as the Valencia boat parties !That’s why a costume for the groom is a must for a stag or hen party. As we start the season, here are the best fancy dress costumes for hen and stag parties.

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✅ The best costumes for a hen party.

Hawaiian Costume

This is one of the typical farewell costumes, especially in the spring and summer season. In addition, this one has the particularity that besides being a comfortable costume, it is fresh and valid for both genders. Taking into account that the boys’ version, apart from being sexy and fun, somewhat complies with the unwritten rule that costumes have to embarrass the boyfriend during most of his bachelor party. But this is something they have already assumed before celebrating.

bachelorette parties Hawaiian costume

Wally Costume

We have all heard of Wally. Yes, that character in the books who used to hide in areas where he couldn’t cover a single pin. Who has never played “Where’s Wally”? Well, our proposal is that you dress him up as Wally. Why? We already know that with this costume you won’t be too embarrassed as the outfit is quite simple, however, it is one of the funniest and “sluttiest” boat party costumes of them all. The fun of this costume is that the game of “Where’s Wally?” can be played in a very small space where there is no escape and you can make him suffer, and suffer a lot.wally's farewell party costume

Mary Cookie Costume

We saw this costume on a group of girls not too long ago and the truth is that “You’re ready to get wet” has a lot of appeal at a boat party. If you want one of the best costumes for the boat party, this is the one for you. The idea is that, when going on a catamaran, getting wet is quite typical, but… what if you do it to piss him off? This costume will allow you to play to see how many times he ends up in the water, as every time someone says “you’re ready to get wet”, he will have to get wet for real. Funny, isn’t it?


Hulk Costume

Another of the costumes for the boat party that we like the most because it allows the boyfriend to bitch to the maximum. The fact of showing the chest is something that, inevitably, men love. The most fun part of it all? That every time someone says “You’re so strong!” the groom – the Hulk in this case – must prove his manhood by taking a shot of cazalla. And it is that, Hulk, it is not Hulk without cazalla.

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Remember that the stag party is in honour of the groom, but for the benefit of his friends, so you are well within your rights to play a practical joke or two on the groom. But don’t be so mean as not to let him wear spare clothes, because then the “crown jewels” end up redder than some people would like.

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