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The essentials for a boat party

3 must-haves for a boat party.

You know we are fans of boat parties. The feeling of freedom, the party and the mix of music and activities is what we are most passionate about, and no wonder! More and more of you are joining the catamaran boat parties to celebrate a birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party or just want to enjoy a different party.

But, be careful! Because in boat parties some sins are committed that end up taking their toll and the memory of the party lasts for a few days more than you thought and not especially for the better. So that you don’t end up having a bad time, we leave you the three boat party must-haves that you should ALWAYS carry with you.

Valencia boat party Fiesta en barco

Sunscreen ????

Considering that summer has just begun, few people are tanned or lightly tanned. The basic problem with this is that you think you won’t get the sun on the boat and… WRONG!!!! It does give, yes. Those of you who are not yet tanned – or whitish, whatever you want to call it – it is best to bring sunscreen rather than shoe polish or suntan oil because you will not be the first ones to get off our catamaran like foreigners. At boat parties you have to be careful with the sun!!! If not the most, it is the second must-have for a boat party -unless you like to wear crab red at the party you will organize at night-.

Spare bikini ????

Or, if you prefer, bikini directly. Many of you who join our boat parties come from a bachelor or bachelorette party and, as is customary, dress up the bride or groom in question. Great if it weren’t for the fact that these types of costumes look more like an oven than fabric. So be sure to get him something cool and of course, something spare. Many of you who spend the day at a boat party end up messing up either on the catamaran or at sea, which leads to chopping. Then you want to keep the party going, don’t you? Well, spare clothes and/or a spare swimsuit is not a bad idea considering that you’re not exactly going to party dry and you know that wet clothes… not cool for the after-party on the boat!

Underwater cases for cameras and cell phones ????????????

Please!!! This is a real must for a boat party. It is unfeasible to think that you will not lose your cell phone or, worse! That it will not fall into the water. The best thing you can do to make sure he gets home safe and sound is to bring your waterproof case so you don’t die of a heart attack in the middle of the party. Of all the essentials in a boat party is the one that is most needed, especially the drunks and forgetful who do not want to ruin the best bachelor party on a boat party.

With these three things, the desire and the one we made a mess… The boat party is guaranteed!!! Everyone has their own boat party essentials, but we who already have some years of experience know what we say to ourselves. Be careful and…book your boat party now!

fiestas barco valencia

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