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Once-in-a-lifetime boating escapades

4 boat trips that you have to do once in your life

Sea and boat lovers are very open-minded and love to enjoy the journeys they make. Of course, such people have their own boat. Of course, not everyone can enjoy owning his or her own boat and a getaway wherever he or she feels like it. If you are thinking of having a farewell party on a boat, We give you an idea with four boat trips that you have to do at least once in your life or for your honeymoon because you don’t want to miss them.


The Balearic Islands

Travelling by boat around the Balearic Islands is very popular, which is why it is one of the most popular boat trips.. There are countless possibilities for this: sailing boats, yachts, catamarans… And there are many options for visits, so you can visit just one island or several. Of course, Ibiza will not be missing from your tour, so that you can enjoy a night of maximum partying.



The Croatian islands are beautiful, some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. That’s why, when you book a boat and go on a trip!you will be having the trip of a lifetime! Mainly, in this type of boat trips, the most visited are the beaches and coves, but always with an obligatory stop in Mykonos to enjoy the party.


The Caribbean

Who doesn’t like the beach and the sun in a rumba atmosphere? This is what this type of boat trip offers you. Of course, they are usually carried out by cruise ships, but they are no less impressive for that. In addition!you will be able to enjoy the well-known all-inclusive!

The Baltic Sea

Although these boat trips are more suitable for those who love the cold weather. before the heat lovers, these are cruises you will never forget. Baltic beauty is marked by breathtaking natural landscapes, green, magical and inspiring. A journey for the senses rather than for relaxation.




fiestas barco valencia

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