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Discover the 4 best boats for boat parties and stag and hen parties

When deciding to throw a party -and even more so if it is in summer- the first thing that comes to mind is to throw a big party. As? Organizing a boat party for your farewell

Organizing a boat party has many benefits, but the best is being able to enjoy the sun, the heat and the sea without the endless burden of children, umbrellas and garbage everywhere. But when it comes to organising it, there will always be the eternal question: what type of boat should I choose?


So that you can choose the best boat for your boat party, we leave you with the four most common types of boats for your party.


It is the best option to enjoy a boat party. It has a two-hull structure which makes it very stable – and therefore less dizzy – safer and more spacious. The catamarans that are dedicated to this type of party can be sailed or motorized and are usually large-capacity, between 100 and 200 people, a space or dance floor, drink bars, sound and lighting equipment, and a great atmosphere. , many times from groups that are celebrating their birthdays and a ideal for stag or hen parties. In short, the best proposal for this type of event.




A classic and the best type of boat if you want to enjoy a private boat party with friends. Sailing boats have the disadvantage compared to group parties that the number of passengers is considerably reduced to 12 or 15 people in the best case and that logically they do not have the services such as DJ, waiters, drinks bars etc.; but they do offer greater privacy.



A symbol of glamour in all its expressions, although it is a pleasure boat, it is of a superior range. The rental of luxury yachts is widely used for VIP boat parties, who are looking for a high-performance boat, privacy and great comforts. They usually have several terraces, cabins and very spacious dining rooms. Luxury yachts are the ideal style of yacht for high-end corporate events, weddings and high-end parties.


Sailing schooner

It is a large capacity, long boat. They are usually built of wood and are recognisable by their tall masts – two or three. They are boats where, above all, corporate or business events were held in the past, and pirate-themed boat parties since they have a more vintage style. But since the advent of larger, more stable and modern catamarans, they have fallen into disuse.


Bear in mind that when organising a boat party or hen party the most important thing to consider is the type of party, the number of passengers, the type of trip and, of course, how much you can afford to spend.

fiestas barco valencia

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