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How to organise a stag/hen party

Organising a stag/hen party seems like a simple task until one day you wake up and see that on your phone there is a new Whats App group called “barbecue” “work group” or any other name so that the stag/hen party person doesn’t know anything about it. So far so good.

Then come the problems such as the plan, who is going, which city, activities, accommodation, etc. In short, you have two days with 500 messages and nothing of quality. To begin with, I recommend that only one person should be in charge of the farewell party, and that person should look for the plan that best suits the characteristics of the groom, the bride, or both. It is important that the farewell party revolves around the preferences of that person as it has to be unforgettable, it does not have to suit all the tastes of the attendees.

The destination can be Valencia for its variety of services and good weather where you can do indoor activities and if the weather is good you can enjoy the beach with activities such as the famous boat parties, gymkhanas, lunches or dinners in the harbour area, etc.

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For a complete event you should follow this series of recommendations that will help you to achieve a good result:

Recommendations for your farewell party

Choose a sufficient number of activities but do not overcrowd the day so as not to keep an eye on the clock and do them calmly.

Start from a budget agreed by the group in order to have an approximation when planning.

Choice of dynamic activities where everyone can participate without excluding anyone.

Choose a costume that is fun, original and has something to do with the person getting married.

Alternate physical activity with lunch or dinner and some festive leisure activities such as a boat party or dinner with entertainment.

Patience, you will be asked many questions and I recommend that you give the information to everyone at the same time so that there are no doubts.

For the booking it would be to make a budget that fits the needs, share it with the group and make some slight modifications. Once it is set, you have your farewell plan.

For the date and timetable, the whole team has to be taken into account, but if someone can’t attend an activity, he/she will come later or leave earlier. Not everyone attends everything that is planned.

All questions can be asked by phone, on the day of the event I recommend to have everything clear to just enjoy.

Don’t forget that it’s a surprise day, so be careful who you tell about the date and the event so that they don’t find out and it’s totally unexpected.

Now you have the previous steps to start the process of the bride or groom’s most fun day.

fiestas barco valencia

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