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Games to drive the groom crazy at the stag party

3 perfect games to drive the groom crazy at his stag party

We know perfectly well that you guys are the first ones to jump into the pool. when “stag party” comes out of one’s mouth. Even if you don’t look like it and don’t want to admit it, you are much easier to pick up than a woman. However, if there is one thing that is very clear, it is that when it comes to organisation and parties, you are going a bit overboard. more lost. That’s why we recommend one of these offers

We don’t want to throw it in their faces, but they are much better at making hen parties much more fun. It’s true that drinking, dressing up the groom and so on is all very well and extremely fun, but there are many other games to drive the groom crazy that can end up being a complete success. For your consideration, here are the three best games to drive the groom crazy

She is not the princess

How many times have you asked the groom why he is marrying that woman? It is clear that it is because he has something special, that they complement each other and because, after all, he is in love with her. But what if you show him that there are many more girls who are also 100% compatible with him?

To play this game, you only have to do one thing: ask the groom why.. Then, once you have some answers, you should write down 10 questions about their tastes and interests. These questions should be asked to at least 10 girls, and each girl should be given a rose if all the answers are correct.

For the questions you can choose information such as favourite films, songs, food, etc.

No eggs

The classic and typical “I would never” but where the groom will be the only player.. To do this, you, the friends, will have to guess what phobias he has, what his weak points are and make him pass tests related to them. Of course, don’t overdo it, the idea is to drive him crazy, not to make him miserable! So you will have to make a list of what is the worst thing you can do in life, such as cooking, stealing or anything else, and if you want to avoid getting drunk, you will have to take the test. That’s rightALL must be done while in costume.

How well do you know your future wife?

One of the most fucked up games we know. It is clear that when you are with a person and you are going to marry them, it is because you know them well, isn’t it? Well, the idea is to turn it upside down and make it as alcoholic as possible. To this endYou will have to ask him questions about his girlfriend, the relationship and all that it entails.. Every time I miss an answer, CHUPITO!!!!

For this game we recommend that you don’t exceed 50 questions, but the more he drinks, the more you will drive the groom crazy.


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