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Agreements and oaths for the bachelorette party

It is clear that with the advent of the Internet in our lives, it is becoming more and more complicated to have intimacy. The fact is that in any hen party, you have to enjoy yourself to the maximum, that’s the main thing!!! Although there are unwritten rules, this is one of the new and most important. Of course, many of you may not want the bride to officially say goodbye to her bachelorhood, but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin the wedding!

Remember that the hen party is a moment of union between the bride and her friends and that the most important thing on this night is that each and every one of you enjoys what is going to happen. Of course, none of them should or need to go wrong.


The madness will start and you will be absorbed by the whirlwind of events: the boat party, the dinner show, the drinks, the dancing in the discotheque, the bride tests… All this is to be admired and immortalised, but of course… these are things that, if not made clear from the beginning, can end up taking their toll.

Therefore, we leave you with some oaths and agreements that both the bride and her friends MUST take and sign. If someone then fails there will be a physical contract and not just a verbal one.



Bride’s oath for her bachelorette party

Every bride has to abide by a set of rules. So that this does not just remain in the air, we leave you with the oath/participation contract that the bride must sign before the farewell party.

I solemnly swear as a bride and bride-to-be that I will honour and respect my Friends here present.

I swear that I will accept the challenges, parties and gifts that you have decided on, as well as the outfit I get to wear for my bachelorette party.

I swear that what happens today will never come out of my mouth, let alone tell my future husband. Trust is only in relation to our partner, not to my relationship with my friends.

I swear that tonight’s secrets will be immortalised but will never be distributed, uploaded or discussed in bad faith and malpractice.

I swear, too, that as the bride and the protagonist of the bachelorette party, my behaviour will be enviable as I promise not to complain, complain, complain, complain or run away during my bachelorette party.
I understand that breaking this oath would involve the amputation of my nipples with a rusty knife and the forcible removal of my tongue with pliers.

If anyone asks me about what happened tonight, I’ll answer: “The usual girl stuff like opening presents and decorating the party with bows”. And if someone is pestering me to tell them gossip, I will ALWAYS, whoever it is, reply “friendship is what really lasts over time and the union is secrets”.

Long live bachelorhood!


Attendance and confidentiality agreement for the bachelorette party

This is the confidentiality contract that both the bride and her friends will have to fill in and sign for those attending the farewell party. Of course, it is a contract that has all the validity in the world and if it is not followed to the letter, it will result in the expulsion of that person from the group, even to the extent of the wedding invitation being withdrawn.

I, _______________________________________________, do solemnly swear that at the bachelor/bachelorette party of _____________________________________________, to be held in the

date ________________________, I will abide by the following rules and guidelines:

1) I will not take photographs or audio-visual material that includes persons of the opposite sex, appear to be of the opposite sex, or have undergone a sex change process, for the duration of this Farewell. Nor will I do so if the Farewell’s girlfriend is implicated in these videos.

2) The dissemination of the audiovisual material obtained at my friend’s Farewell Party will only be disseminated on social networks under three guidelines: if the bride approves it; if the group of the Farewell Party approves it; if no things appear that any of the members of the Farewell Party could regret.

3) I will at all times act as if I am _____ (____) years old and promote similar immature behaviour among the Group.

4) The use of narcotic drugs is prohibited unless also consented to by the group. Furthermore, it is PROHIBITED to use them against the will of any of the members of the Farewell Party.

5) I will consume alcoholic beverages without moderation and encourage others to do the same. (This rule does not apply if I have to drive a vehicle during the course of this Farewell, or may have a medical prescription to the contrary).

6) I will cause embarrassing situations for the bride at least once every ______ (__) hours. This means attracting the attention of as many animals and humans as possible to that person, preferably in a creative way.

7) Any member of the Group who has had too much to drink (or has bad taste) and talks to unattractive persons of the opposite sex for more than one minute will be escorted back to the Group for protection, by force if necessary.

8) I will not be the first person to leave this Farewell, nor will I instigate the Group to end the party. The penalty for breaking this rule will be _______________________________________ (monetary amount to be fixed by the person drying.)

9) It is my responsibility to seek out and bring the Group to a place of better atmosphere when energy and enthusiasm wanes. I will continuously interact with other members of the Group to create a lively environment.

10)At no time will I think about issues related to studies, work, politics, or religion. I will not mention any names of persons who are in a relationship with any of the members of the Group.

11) In case of accident, I exempt from all responsibility the rest of the members of this Farewell, including the person getting married.

12) Before I sign this document, I will shout out loud: “Whatever happens in this Farewell, will stay in the Farewell!”

Signed: ____________________________________ Date ____________

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