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4 ideas for the best themed stag and hen parties

4 ideas for the best themed stag and hen parties

We know that – even if you don’t want to admit it – you also like to have a good time at a hen party. It is clear that the typical day of partying is very old-fashioned and more and more of you are opting for a weekend stag or hen party and something more original.

Another thing that we are seeing more and more is that the bride and groom, on their stag and hen parties, are not very traditional. That is to say, More and more bachelor parties are being themed according to the tastes of the groom, so that you can have a great time or pirate, whatever you want to call it, and organise one of the best themed bachelor parties in history, here are four options.

The rural area

Men, we don’t know whether by instinct or by what, are more made of nature. Going camping, hiking or any other rural getaway is much more appealing to you than it is to women. Therefore, a very good idea for the Themed stag and hen parties can be organised as a rural outing.

This thematisation would basically consist of pretending to be Robbin Hood. and enjoy nature at close quarters. Rent a rural house and carry out gymkhanas, Paintball sessions or military-style excursions in the mountains are some of the activities you can do.

The destroyer

The most famous of them all and, yes, the most typical. It’s true that a weekend of fun and games is really cool. Therefore, this type of themed stag and hen parties are for the party animals.

To organise it, you’ll have to pretend to be party people, a la Mario Vaquerizo, and enjoy a weekend just like he would.. For this, trips to places like Valencia, Gandía or Cullera are perfect. To make the weekend perfect, the farewell dinners, nightclub parties and limousine hire are the best option.

The sportswoman

Why not? Men, as good men, are lovers of sport and that is why this is one of the most important sports activities in the world. themed stag and hen parties preferred by the male gender.

You can organise football matches, water activities such as Flyboarding, or any kind of sport you can think of. The idea is that, during the whole weekend, you will be able to pretend you are a team. Of what? Football, for example.

The Freak

Being a Geek is very fashionable and every time, true geeks are coming out more easily and with less prejudice.

If the groom is one of those, one of the best themed stag parties is this one with a good yellow humour type game. To this end, throughout the weekend, the games and tests for the groom will focus on this world. And what’s more!you can be fictional characters for a whole weekend without being judged! Being a superhero, for example, isn’t so bad, is it?


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