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Plans for these Fallas in Valencia 2024

This is what you can’t miss out on doing this Fallas 2024

The Fallas are already here and everyone is already preparing everything. Some flee Valencia knowing that half the city will be closed, others stay, and many tourists decide that our city is the best place to make a proper spring trip. And the truth, is that these Fallas strong 2024 promises a lot.

We don’t know about you, but we love our fiestas and not only because of the colour, the people, the party, the atmosphere and the happiness that Valencia exudes during these days, but also because it is a time of tradition. Traditions that any good Valencian knows and carries out year after year, and Fallas after Fallas. And even more so now that we are a World Heritage Site!

The truth is that since 2024 We have to start to set an example as good Valencians and show that the Fallas 2024 They are full of energy, joy, novelty and tradition at the same time. So, if you are a good Valencian -or valensianot- you will know that there are a number of things you can’t miss out on when Valencia is in Fallas. These are basic things that EVERYONE needs to know, especially if you are a tourist reading this, doing these things will make you feel at home!


The five things that every Valencian has the tradition of doing in Fallas 2024

Go to the mascletà

Although many of us work, and not exactly in the centre, our obligation as Valencians – and many of us as falleros – is to go to see at least the 4 most important Mascletàs: the first one, the one on Women’s Day, the one on the day of the plantà and the last one, the one on Father’s Day. These are, as the Fallas and Valencian tradition dictates, the ones that must be experienced by any good Valencian worth his salt. Of course, the more you add, the better, and although it’s OK to substitute them for others… you’re not that good Valencian!

Join or wake up with “a despertà”

The despertà is that moment in the middle of Fallas 2024 that any Valencian will love or hate, depending on whether he or she is a fallero or not. The problem is that, from very early in the morning, in order to continue the night’s revelry, the falleros gather in the casal fallero and walk through the streets throwing masclets to wake up the neighbourhood. A tradition that, of course, should not be lost but which has cost more than one fallero a scare. Of course, being woken up with a bang is not very funny for many people. The point is that if you really want to feel part of these Fallas 2024 being present at a despertà, either because you have woken up with it or because you have simply joined in after a night out, is something you have to do if you come to really experience the Fallas!

Breakfast bunyols with chocolate

Breakfast, that is, buñuelos -which is like a churro or porra but round and made of pumpkin- and chocolate is a must that every visitor and every Valencian has to do at least once in fallas. The best of the Fallas 2024 is that, as always, Valencia will be full of little stalls selling buñuelos and churros, although the ones you really have to try are the artisan ones, those that are in the casals falleros themselves. There, as tradition dictates, the older women are in charge of making the fritters COMPLETELY HOME MADE. How is the chocolate No powders, thickening agents or anything like that: everything real and, most importantly, from the land!

Go to the Nit Del Foc

Since March 1st, Valencians have been enjoying a mascletà every day at midday, something that makes us vibrate and feel that we are part of the best place in the world. But, if there is something that really excites a Valencian, it is the Nit del Foc (Bonfire Night). On the 18th of March, tradition has it that every good fallero must be present at the most beautiful pyrotechnic display of colour and fire -without thunder, unlike the mascletà-, of the whole year. This night is the favourite night for falleros and non falleros alike. A perfect and precious moment to enjoy the fallas in a more romantic and beautiful way.

Strolling through Ruzafa when the Lights are already on

If there is a neighbourhood that can boast that it is a winner, it is the Ruzafa neighbourhood! Right in the centre of Valencia and, therefore, the heart of the nightlife during these Fallas festivities 2024 The Ruzafa neighbourhood dresses up in light and colour during the favourite week of every Valencian. The Fallas commissions and houses illuminate the streets of this beautiful neighborhood, so a walk through it is something that any Valencian must do and, of course, any tourist who wants to truly experience the Fallas, too!

fiestas barco valencia

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