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Ideas for your bachelor or bachelorette party

Before a wedding, the farewell of the bride and groom is usually celebrated, so when looking for ideas for farewells where to have a great time is a mandatory task. Valencia is the ideal city for a stag or hen party, as it offers different proposals. Not only can you enjoy the Albufera

It is true that sometimes it is difficult to find new ideas, so we have made a selection of the most original and those that will remain in your memory as they are very funny.

Ideas for your farewell party

bachelorette party ideas

Boat parties

An unforgettable farewell party surrounded by water and sun is one of the best options to choose, that’s why it is interesting to have a party on board of our boats: boat or catamaran. One of the most festive collective activities, a place where DJ with live music, swimming in the sea, drinks, catering, games and animations are provided. A unique and exclusive boat party where you can have a great time with other hen and stag parties.

boat parties in Valencia

Action and adrenaline

People who are passionate about adventure activities for a stag or hen party and enjoy action should consider adventure stag or hen parties. There are plenty of options to choose from, for example, rafting, paintball, water or dry canyoning, skydiving and jet skiing, among others.

There are other quieter activities such as horse riding, multi-adventure games, quad biking or hiking. It is important to enjoy a different and adrenaline-filled farewell, ideal to release tensions before the wedding.

Yellow comedy

If you like yellow humour this type of farewell is ideal for you. It consists of an original and fun gymkhana, ideal for stag and hen parties where laughter is more than guaranteed.

This option allows you to enjoy activities such as dueling in wrestling, climbing, sliding down a zip line at high altitude and practising your aim with archery. You can also recreate a human foosball table by making two teams and get to finish an American court. A multi-adventure space where you can enjoy with your friends and let the game begin.

Yellow Humour stag and hen parties adventure

Surviving in the face of zombies

If you like to feel tension and fear in your body, you should not hesitate to make a farewell with a zombie survival edition, an activity in which you have to survive a zombie apocalypse by getting out of it alive after a certain amount of time.


It looks like a video game, but it is not, it is the person himself who controls his body and makes the right decisions in order not to be one more in the team of zombies. Let this original idea envelop you and enjoy a unique and fun activity in which cunning plays an important role.

Restaurant dinner show

Another option is a dinner show restaurant, for example, a place that looks like a mental hospital or a cemetery. The place is decorated according to the theme and so are all the employees who perform the show, i.e. doctors, nurses or undertakers who have to give you the exact medication to calm you down.

Before dinner you can do activities such as group photo and therapy to have fun with the other people at the farewell party. The dinner is treated to a shock treatment with visual shows, for example, with magic, table entertainment and dancers, all from the hand of artists who provide all their art to make this night remain in your memory forever.


Activity with Escape Room

One of the most original options for a stag or hen party is escapism, a different experience for a stag or hen party.


It is interesting when the challenge starts before arriving at the restaurant or venue where the activity takes place, as you have to find out where the venue is with the clues provided. Once seated at the dinner table, there is a round of questions with honest answers so that after dinner the game can continue. An actor accompanies you throughout the experience, telling spooky stories about the theme of this famous game. A totally different farewell that brings people together and entertains.

Restaurant with cabaret show

Farewell parties in restaurants set in the 1930s? That’s right, a perfect mix to enjoy in good company. It is a place decorated in cabaret style where there are various shows with cabaret artists, burlesque, drag queens, singers and dancers. An evening full of surprises while dining and drinking in the lounge.

cabaret restaurant Valencia

In short, in Valencia there are different ideas for hen and stag parties with which to have a great time, whether it be boat parties, restaurants with shows, adventure sports, etc. These options should be taken into account if the idea is to make a farewell party a unique, special and very original moment!

fiestas barco valencia

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