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✅ 5 great water activities for bachelor parties.

The purpose of bachelor parties is to offer the groom the best party ever. before the end of his days. It is clear that it will not be a hecatomb, but it may not be the same. For this, the group of friends organizes and prepares a party in style. It is clear that the fact that the groom enjoys his bachelor party is something important, but let’s not fool ourselves: it is not essential. If the bachelor party is organized more to the liking of friends than the groom, although of course you have to take a little into account their tastes.

Nowadays there are many unconventional brides and grooms, who want to do something different and much more fun for their last party with absolute freedom. Adrenaline and friends are the best combination, but if we add the sea… the fun can’t get any better! Our advice -we already know a lot about bachelor parties- is that there is time for everything: to drink, to laugh, to enjoy, to be calm and for everything. So, if you are going to organize a farewell weekend or a whole day, our advice is to make the most of the day and do different activities that will make the groom relax and then, give him his San Benito!

If your friend, the groom, is a sea lover, here are the four best water activities for his bachelor party.


flyboard water activity in Valencia

This new water sport is one of the best, although you must have a minimum physical level if you do not want to end up full of stiffness up to the eyelashes.. It is done with a board hooked to the feet that will allow you to do the best crazy things in the water. You will be able to fly, dive, make 360º turns and feel like a dolphin. It is an experience that, at least once in your life, you have to go through.

Although it seems a difficult sport, it is not, although it is tiring. Everyone, even the most unbalanced, can end up flying, as the propulsion of the board plays a major role. However, it is not a suitable exercise for those who have vertigo, even a little bit.

Jet ski.

Rent Jet ski in Valencia

Who hasn’t wanted to ride one at least once in their life? For men it is almost like an obligation to experience this kind of sensations. Adrenaline, freedom, speed and friendship come together to make you enjoy one of the best bachelor parties of your life. While it is true that driving a jet ski is not easy, most of the courses of this type of water activities include a driving course and, if not, a driver that will make you enjoy like crazy.

The aquatic banana.

Aquatic banana Valencia | Banana boat party

The banana boat or aquatic banana is usually one of the most common activities during the summer. Especially when celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party, because it is a fun and refreshing activity. Where the main objective is not to fall into the water of the inflatable banana, while it is dragged by the inflatable boat that goes through the sea and slaloms between the waves, to make the activity more exciting.

Of course, although it is a refreshing water activity, do not forget to wear sunscreen to protect your skin.


aquatic activities for farewell parties | Scuba diving

Diving, also known as scuba diving and snorkeling, is an experience for sea lovers. A diving session, besides being the perfect gift for the groom, will turn out to be much more fun than you think or can imagine. Of course, you might get a scare from the animals that swim in the Mediterranean waters, but nothing more.

The only thing necessary for diving is to do a preparation class, in order to be able to breathe from the cylinder. They will also teach you how to carry it without ending up under the sea. Generally, this type of underwater activity is usually accompanied by some fishing afterwards and a good snack.


water activities wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is more commonly known as board waterskiing. In this type of underwater activity you are pulled by a boat while riding on a board very similar to a snowboard. The most fun thing about this activity is that it is usually done in Wakeboard parks rather than in the open sea. These parks are like skate parks, which allows you to end up doing the calf and monkey over the water. Of course, you need a medium level of fitness and a lot of stability to avoid swallowing more water than anything else.

These are the most fun water activities you can do and, of course, the best gift for the groom if he is a sea lover! Of course, if the group is divided between dry and wetlanders, the best thing to do is to go to a good boat party!

fiestas barco valencia

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