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There’s nothing more fun in this one than enjoying the. And yes, many times that happens because we enjoy our leisure time. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives, stress, work anxiety, possible children and other responsibilities make us, more often than not, lose our heads a little.

The best solution in these cases is to let yourself go, and going for a walk to clear your head is the best thing to do. However, doing it alone is boring and tedious. That’s why there’s nothing like getting together with friends, going out for a drink and enjoying a good laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine, or so says UNICEF, which uses it to restore joy to children who have been victims of natural disasters or catastrophes – such as plane crashes. So… take life with a lot of humour!

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If your idea is to go out with your friends and enjoy a nice evening, why not do it with a dinner show? Whatever you celebrate – even if you don’t want to celebrate anything – the best thing is to be able to enjoy a good evening, as enjoyable as possible, and if it’s different… you can’t even imagine!

✅ Why choose a dinner show?

Dinner shows are considered the best option for any event, whether it is a hen or stag party, a company dinner or whatever you fancy.

These types of dinners, the ones that come with a show, are generally aimed at offering you the best of the best and this, although we know that you know this, makes all the anxiety and stress accumulated over time disappear.

This type of dinner with a show helps to release adrenaline by secreting higher amounts of dopamine and serotonin, the happiness hormones.

So why not dare to try something different to help you release tension?

???? Dinner with show at La Cena de los Locos???? restaurant.

At Espectáculos As de Picas your well-being becomes important to us and if we can help you get through things with a good dinner show, why not do it?

Magic shows, humor shows, quizzes, games, dances, etc. are some of our proposals with which you can clear your mind and think of nothing else.

With our dinner shows, even the dullest of the dull enjoy it! And this is our commitment to you.

You already know that, whatever type of event you are looking for, Espectáculos As de Picas prepares the best variety of dinner shows you have ever seen!

he best fun at dinner parties with Espectáculos As de Picas ♠

See here how we set it up. Everyone has a great time! Unload all your tensions and let yourself be encouraged and pampered by our team. With Ace of Spades you will lack for nothing.



If you have decided to enjoy the best dinner with show in Valencia with us… Do not hesitate to contact us!

Book your DINNER WITH SHOW online. Or if you prefer… Give us a call!

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fiestas barco valencia

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