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Married Farewell

When you get married, between six months and a week before the event, the group of friends “kidnap” this person and put him/her through a situation that is both fun and “dangerous” as it is a very intense few hours spent with physical tests, alcohol, fun and uncontrolled friends thinking that it is going to be the last time they will see you.


But after a few months or years of marriage it turns out that something doesn’t work and unfortunately (or not) it ends. Then comes a new concept that has been emerging lately: the hen and stag parties.

This new concept is due to the fact that ending a marriage has a phase of sadness, crying, uncertainty of the new times and anger with the other person and oneself because it has not turned out as expected. Then the group of friends makes you a surprise, an event to remember those times of laughter, happiness, enjoyment and activities, thus breaking the phase of stagnation, anger and sadness that have led to the end of the marriage.

hen and stag costumes

For a hen or stag party, I recommend activities where the comedyThe main characters are a party and a touch of spice to completely break the previous stage with a plan such as an activity of Comedy Yellowa lunch with an open bar, in the evening afternoon on a terrace or on a boat, a dinner show where the humour of the showman, drag queen The dinner will make you forget all sorrow, fun dancers and magician, and to end the dinner you can have a boy or stripper show to have that spicy touch of the new era, a period of leisure, tranquility and regain that youthfulness.

All stages are beautiful and have their good side, if the marriage phase has not turned out as you expected, enjoy the new stage starting with a farewell where it is a point and a part in life.


If you know someone who is in this situation, do an event like this for them, they will thank you for it.

fiestas barco valencia

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