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Frequently asked questions before a farewell

300 messages in the Whats App group but nobody gives answers to your questions about the stag party, it’s OK, I’ll give you a preview of some of them:

  • Shall we dress up the boyfriend?

  • Yes, they usually go in disguise and it’s very playful.


  • Are there more farewells?

  • I recommend that yes, a farewell party in a place where there are more farewells is much more fun.


  • What can we do about it?

  • Activity, lunch, boat party and dinner with shows.


  • Is a farewell flirtation?

  • It’s up to you whether some do or not. Normally, yes, there are groups of guys and girls where there are single people and at the farewell party you meet a lot of people. Also comment that if the other person is not interested, you should not be heavy or insistent, you have to respect the other groups.


  • Will I get seasick on the boat?

  • It doesn’t have to, there are no big waves, it depends on the person, usually not.


  • Which month is better?

  • For outdoor activities in spring, summer and autumn. In winter you can do scape rooms, go-karting, dinners, etc.


  • Any tips for this event?

  • Drink water, eat and sleep. Sometimes in the excitement people forget.


  • Is there music after dinner?

  • When the dinner is over you can stay in the same place having the first drinks and then go with other hen and stag parties to the nightclub


  • Which accommodation should I choose?

  • It depends on the budget, location and needs of each group.


  • ¿How old are people?

  • Very varied, in the groups there are people of all ages, as a large group of people come together for the farewell parties.


  • What activities are there for children? And what about girls?

  • All activities can be for both boys and girls, there are no boys-only or girls-only activities.


  • What do you recommend for the day of the event?

  • Enjoy yourselves and have an unforgettable experience but don’t overdo it so that nobody gets sick and you can all finish the event together. Also respect other groups and the working staff of each of the activities or restaurants.

With this post you solve the main doubts, then, in each farewell some different question arises, but in general these are the most frequent doubts.

In no time you have a farewell party, a good planning and zero doubts is important to be able to enjoy it and have no inconveniences during the event.

Don’t forget to look for a good costume, will you be the most original?

See you on the day of the event!

fiestas barco valencia

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