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Boat trips on the Albufera lagoon


Today we propose a more relaxed plan for Sunday while you recover from the farewell party or one of our boat parties or just to spend it with your partner, the Albufera Natural Park in Valencia is a privileged enclave located next to the Valencian coast. It is clear that there is no Valencian who does not know it, although it is also well known in Spain. Outside our borders, it may not yet be so much so, but foreigners who visit it are quite surprised by its sobriety, its elegance and its beauty. A peaceful spot that combines nature and tradition.

Probably the best way to appreciate La Albufera is by boat. They are wooden boats with a capacity of 20 to 25 people, propelled by a small motor at the back. The boats move very slowly so that we can enjoy the scenery, which is what it is all about, and the boatman will tell us some details: what kind of bird this is, when that hut was built…

Starting from a small dock, we will take a tour of the lake where we will be able to appreciate what the Valencian landscape was like many years ago. In the distance, the rice fields. Very close to us, there are reeds and bends where we will see different types of birds. Barracks, paths in the water traced by the grass… Sometimes we will pass so close to some of the islets that we will be able to touch the vegetation with our hands.



Of course, there are different types of routes, and depending on the time of day we go, we can visit different landscapes. The duration of the tour and the price will vary according to the route.

For example, if we want to enjoy a sunset, we can choose to take a walk late in the day. In fact, there is a special offer for couples and many newlyweds also choose the Albufera viewpoint for a small wedding reportage.

There are tours that include visits to other places, for example to a barracks-museum. In this case, there are offers for older people or school groups. We can also sample traditional Valencian gastronomy depending on the route we choose.


The Albufera Nature Park is very close to Valencia: it is really worth a visit. It can even be reached by bus, as there is a bus stop very close to the jetty. And if you don’t fancy a boat ride, the walk through the pine trees to the beach is also a peaceful and relaxing experience. As it is a protected enclave, there are hardly any buildings or roads to be seen. In fact, the once well-known El Saler campsite was moved years ago in an attempt to preserve the nature of the area. Fortunately, today we can still enjoy this enclave to the full.

Long may it be for many years to come.


fiestas barco valencia

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