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Games for a pirate stag party

3 awesome games for a pirate bachelor party

We know that we are very good sailors, so we are looking for very good cabin boys. The fact of being in Valenciay, therefore, close to the coast allows us to do one thing that is perfect: to feel much more like pirates!

Si vosotros también os sentís muy piratas y queréis disfrutar de la mejor despedida de soltero piratanothing should be left to chance. Renting a house near the beach is the first thing to do to get started, and then let’s party!

To liven up the pirate weekend – and really kick the groom’s ass – here are three games that every pirate stag party should have.


Shotgun shots!

The original game is to simulate that you are in the middle of a fictional pirate war, so is this one with some slight variation. The main thing here is that you will not be shooting cannonballs, but you will be shooting at the opposing ship. The idea is that you divide into two groups and start playing. For this purpose, each member shall remain in his or her shipThe game is a game of chance, or part of the area set aside for the game, and a pistol-whipping session. That’s right, There can only be alcohol inside the gun, because water is for ducks, not for pirates. We are ron!

In search of treasure

Giving the gift to the groom is a thing of the past, so to do things in a different and themed way, at this pirate stag party, the gift, that is to say the treasure, will be hidden.. The idea is that you make a somewhat confusing map for him, with various places where the treasure might be. Every time he makes a mistake in his hiding place, he must drink his drink in one gulp. The pirate’s life, the better life, right?

On boarding

This is the easiest game of all, but the most fun, and a good pirate bachelor party can’t happen without a good boat party.So let’s make a mess of things! To do this, only two things are needed: two formed groups that will try to address the space of others and pirate costumes. Even if there is only one pirate captain, the fun is more than assured.


fiestas barco valencia

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